Checkout these gadgets for your kitchen. Some of them are actually useful

Ever got convinced by great sales talk to buy a new kitchen gadget that you didn't really need? 

We all have. It is easy to be mesmerized by great sales pitches, novelty and newly invented gadgets that basically does what good old fashioned kitchen tools already do. And there are hundreds, many even thousands of kitchen gadgets that all supposedly makes cooking a breeze.

Before we continue, let's differentiate the terms. Kitchen utensils are items that serve a specific purpose. Kitchen tools are used to accomplish any task. Finally, the kitchen gadget is a small device, can be electronic, that has practical use and a 'novel' description.

We tried out as many kitchen gadgets we could get our hands on to come up with a suggestion or a list of what are actually useful. This list won't contain tools like the wooden spoon or knives, and coffee grinders. Instead, this list focuses on the novel kitchen gadgets we think are really useful.

  • Mandoline Slicer - unlike other knife alternatives, the mandoline slicer does the work faster, it can mince, julienne, slice and so on. It is considered a must-have in many kitchens all over.
  • Silpat Baking Sheet - Basically, it is a baking pan liner. Thin mats that are flexible, and a great alternative to parchment paper. You won't have to worry about delicate pastries and cookies sticking to the bake pan. You can also use this as when kneading and rolling out dough.
  • Modern zester - The classic zester has been around for a while, but the more modern versions can be used for everything even chocolates. Now, you don't have to buy a zester for cheese and another to make citrus juices.
  • Salad Spinner - This spinner may take up a lot of space in the cupboard, but it is very useful and worth it because it also doubles as a storage bowl for freshly washed greens.
  • Garlic press - If you use garlic a lot for your cooking, the garlic press is a nifty little gadget that can also double as a tiny citrus press.
  • Timers - Digital timers are more modern versions of the timers that our grandmas used. They are useful for almost every cooking method, baking to broiling and so on.
  • Adjustable Measuring Cup - This gadget allows you to use just one measuring device for all your cooking needs. Instead of having several measuring cups, you can use this adjustable version instead.
  • Manual Food Processors or Choppers - Smaller, handheld choppers that are also useful for making dips, salads and so on. It slices, it chops, it mixes and blends. It's also portable and compact.
  • Herb Scissors - This type of scissors that come with either three to five or more blades, make chopping and mincing herbs so much easier. Basically, instead of putting them on a chopping board, taking extra care that they are chopped in the same size, you can use the herb scissors and snip away. They usually come with their own cleaning combs too.
  • Digital Weighing Scale - It doubles as a bowl to hold your ingredients, it measures accurately with an LCD display. The weighing scale is a kitchen classic, but nowadays we can modern variations of it that has added features.
  • Egg Shapers - Egg shapers are a great way to add creativity in food presentation, especially for kids. Eggs can now be shaped into a wide variety of shapes, even sports balls or a cartoon character. Whatever pushes your buttons, you can buy shapers in different designs.

In a Nutshell

There are cool new kitchen gadgets to watch out for. They can truly make the work in any kitchen easier.

Depending on the need of a certain household, some items maybe more useful than others. But not all these gadgets can be tagged as 'must-haves.' Some gadgets are truly useful for foodies and folks who love to cook, but some will not be used as often as intended. Take note, not all these gadgets are priced below $50, so be a wise shopper!


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