Checkout these gadgets for your kitchen. Some of them are actually useful

Ever got convinced by great sales talk to buy a new kitchen gadget that you didn’t really need? 

We all have. It is easy to be mesmerized by great sales pitches, novelty and newly invented gadgets that basically does what good old fashioned kitchen tools already do. And there are hundreds, many even thousands of kitchen gadgets that all supposedly makes cooking a breeze.

Before we continue, let’s differentiate the terms. Kitchen utensils are items that serve a specific purpose. Kitchen tools are used to accomplish any task. Finally, the kitchen gadget is a small device, can be electronic, that has practical use and a ‘novel’ description.

We tried out as many kitchen gadgets we could get our hands on to come up with a suggestion or a list of what are actually useful. This list won’t contain tools like the wooden spoon or knives, and coffee grinders. Instead, this list focuses on the novel kitchen gadgets we think are really useful.

In a Nutshell

There are cool new kitchen gadgets to watch out for. They can truly make the work in any kitchen easier.

Depending on the need of a certain household, some items maybe more useful than others. But not all these gadgets can be tagged as ‘must-haves.’ Some gadgets are truly useful for foodies and folks who love to cook, but some will not be used as often as intended. Take note, not all these gadgets are priced below $50, so be a wise shopper!


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