How to choose the right travel insurance

Before going on a trip, you will want to make sure you have everything you need. You secure every luggage, change of clothes, your pocket money, make reservations and so on.

Good. Now everything is set except for you.

If you are going on a trip, either domestic or international, having the right travel insurance can be very helpful with fees and loss.

But the thing is, there are so hundreds of insurance policies to choose from that it makes finding the right one for you so difficult.

So how do you choose the right travel insurance? Consider these following steps:

  • Determine the Policy you need – There are different types of insurance are available and they are based on WHERE you are going and HOW MUCH coverage you want.
  • Know what you are at risk for. Assessing your risks will help you determine what kind of coverage is worth paying for. You can do this by researching about your destination. Most destination governments or cities have their own travel advisory boards. Some risks involved in traveling are baggage loss, delayed flights, terrorism, rental car or the weather.
  • Double-check existing insurance polices you may have. If you have any existing insurance policies, check if they cover travel-related expenses. If you are not covered for travel, ask the company you are insured with if they can add a travel rider to your current insurance policy. This is a cheaper option and coming from someone you already trust.
  • Get in touch with an insurance agent. If you want a separate insurance policy for travel or don’t have any existing plans get in touch with an insurance agent. It will be much easier to understand your options when you have someone explain them for you. The agent’s job is to walk you through his or her company’s various policies and help you assess which you need.
  • Carefully read and understand the policies you are interested in before signing. During the consultation it would be best to get all clarifications answered. Understand how travel insurance policies work and read them yourself before signing or purchasing.
  • Sign only with a reputable and reliable insurance agency. Buy from a licensed agent or website that has the authority to sell the policies. One way is to read reviews. Newspapers, consumer companies and review sites offer reviews of different travel insurance policies. Search for the name of the company and add complaint in any search engine and you find out the company’s reputation.
  • Ask about the refund policies. Refunds and reimbursements and how long it takes the company to process a claim – should be clear. Breaking news of a terrrorist attack in your destination or bad weather are valid reasons to cancel your trip.
  • Last but not the least, is to know the insurance company’s helpline numbers inside and outside the country you’re visiting. In case you need assistance, better have the number handy.

Travel Insurance Plans

Vacation Plans or Package Plans or Travel Insurance. This plan includes coverage for:  

  • Canceled trips
  • Interrupted trips
  • Medical emergencies
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Delayed baggage or trips
  • Lost baggage
  • Round the clock Support or 24/7 Assistance
  • and several other coverages

Travel Medical Plans –  Travel medical plans are perfect for those who are leaving their home country and are not concerned with cancellation or delay.

This plan is best for preparing for emergencies  evacuation, and sometimes life insurance. It covers Medical expenses and Emergency evacuations.

If you are not satisfied with their coverage, you can opt for these:

  • Specialty plans – These focus on emergency evacuations and includes arranged transport and emergency medical evacuation. In case of unforseen incidents, you won’t lose your savings in paying for medical expenses abroad.
  • Accident plans – Travelers will be paid benefits should they incur a serious injury that results in dismemberment or loss of life.

Travel Insurance or Vacation plans are usually the most recommended option. The coverage it provides suit the needs of many travelers, combining the most coverage in a single pla

There are also multi-trip policies that cover numerous trips/journeys in a year. This helps lessen the policies you have to buy for a year.

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