The guide to travelling without money


How many times have you read about those social media gurus bragging how they traveled the world without spending any single penny? How is it possible? well, here are some ways to do that (not every idea is easy, but it will get you there..)

Hitch Hiking

This is the most used travel method before until this present time. Hitch Hiking is a mode of travel by means of free transportation. Getting a free ride is challenging. If you are a hitch hiker who wants to get a free ride, you must give the driver a proper gesture. Particularly if it’s a private vehicle. The common gestures or hand signals that hitch hikers use to emphasize that they need a ride is presenting their arms stretch with a thumb up signal to the driver.

Before going for a hitch hiking make sure that you did some research in your desired destination. As there are some states of a country who prohibits hitch hikers for security reasons. In some countries like Netherlands, Poland, Cuba etc. Hitch hiking is thoroughly encouraged.

Pedal Transportation

This is another kind of free transportation. Aside from it’s free, your health will also benefit from it. Since what you are going to use a bicycle as the mode of your transportation, you must invest in a bike which has a good quality. A bike that can travel for a long distance that can carry more than your weight.

Become a Volunteer Worker - WWOOFing

There are several countries in the world who are asking for volunteer workers. All you just need to do is to find where are these places located. Australia is one of the countries who invites volunteer farm workers wherever part of the world you are. As they will provide your transportation, lodging, and meal in exchange for the voluntary work that you will be doing. Although, sometimes owners of the farms give some money as an allowance for their workers. This is an advantage for your side. You are able to travel at the same you are able to earn some money.

Fund Raising

If the purpose of your travel is to do some interesting research or project, why not do some fund raisings? Just present the objectives of your project and emphasize its benefits and its value that people will get from it. People who become interested in your project will surely fund your expenses.

Political Campaign Manager

Even though this is seasonal, becoming a political campaign manager voluntarily gives you the chance to travel to other places. You only need to do a simple task which is to introduce the aspiring candidature together with his or her platforms to the people.

Teach the English Language

English became the language of the world, many non-English speaking countries in the world are looking for English teachers. However, some of these countries can’t afford to pay the desired salary of native speakers.

If you have a background in the teaching profession, this could be a grabbing opportunity for you. However, don’t lose hope even you don’t have a background in teaching. There are still schools in non-English speaking countries who are willing to accommodate you.


Traveling without money with an assurance of accommodation is really an advantage. But if you choose to take the opposite way, make sure that you have your own tent, mosquito net, sleeping bags and cooking paraphernalia’s.

Make your back pack as light as possible. This is the best tip for traveling without an assurance of accommodation. Don’t bring things that you’ll find along your way that won’t be useful.

Strengthen your mind along the way. Remember that you are a stranger. People will always look for their security. So, you are going to face a lot of rejections and suspicions before you reach your final destinations.

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