When your living room looks bad…throw it away? buy a new one? or just clean it up

What do you do when your favorite couches in the living room get filled up with dirt and dust? instead of buying new couches , you can order a special dry cleaning and also find out why is it important for your health.

how long did it take you to  find  your dream living room? for many of us it is an excruciating journey until you find the right sitting set with the exact shape and color of your choice, not to mention the right style and chic. It really doesn’t matter if it all costs you a fortune, it is your new living room you are investing in.

As the years go by, your dream sofa changes colors, becomes full of dust stains, juice splatters, and you find yourself embarrassed to invite guests over. It is obvious that something needs to be done, the question is what?

To throw or not the throw?

should one throw out their old living room and purchase a new? even tough it is always fun to get new purchases, it is still our old living room that we feel sentimental about, along with the expense on it. When you first got the living room you spent your entire savings on , you thought it will last a lifetime,  and now you are to purchase a new one?

An alternative option to buying a new living room is to upholster the entire furniture. Nonetheless, it is still quite an expense, you wont be able to find the exact fabric color once again, and the stains wont completely be removed.

So…What should you do?

A very good solution is to invite an expert who knows exactly how to bounce and freshen back  your old favorite living room, especially if you own a pet.

It is true that once in a while you vacuum clean the couches, yet the domestic vacuum can only get rid of crumbs and vanish the dust temporarily not to mention does nothing for the detrimental stains. For the stains you might use a wet cloth, or various cleaning products, yet the products just smear the stains even more and cause a damage.

A matter of health

The  issue with the old couches is an health issue along with an aesthetic one. Throughout the years, the couches accommodate and collect bacteria as a result of dampness and sweat,  which can sabotage our health. As a result of this situation, people may develop sicknesses, various allergies and problem with the inhalation system.

The dust mite is a tiny mite which reproduces quickly, and lives within our padded furniture. Unfortunately, the mite causes allergies, asthma, and excessive mucus. The dust mite lives off of skin particles, and especially flourishes in warm and damp areas. The domestic cleaning does help the phenomenon, yet the professional cleaner can devour the situation and leave your living room completely cleansed.

In the United States and Europe, the society is already aware of the situation, thus inviting this special through professional cleaners to clean their home once in half a year, or maximum once a year.

Benefits of the professional cleaning process

Once ordering the professional to come to your house, it is important he gifs a first opinion about the situation and also offer  a trial preparing  you for the full insight of the process. As well, find out where physically the process will take place and if the professional will take the furniture out of the house make sure he brings it back and don’t forget insurance. 

Lastly, we contacted the market for possibilities and firstly connected to quick line. The service was kind and welcoming, and we were happy to find out they use green products. Most importantly we ordered the service and  were pleased to find out how all the stains were gone. 

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