Plants that will live well in your appartment

Today, air quality is a growing concern among many individuals, especially when it comes to their homes. Hence, when it comes to sprucing up your house and health, adding plants won’t only improve your indoor aesthetic but also provide various benefits – cleaning the toxins in the air, make you feel relaxed and boost your mood.

Breathing fresh air and having something natural in your apartment is important, especially for those living in crowded cities and apartments which do not have natural light. Having plants make the room look livelier, provides a way to feel rejuvenated and brings you fresh air within the four corners of your apartment.

Putting plants inside your house or apartment is important not only to add beauty to the place but also, provide a calming agent inside the house. Plants have been proven to boost the mood and promote relaxation. Moreover, it provides a sense of responsibility for the homeowner to take care of the plants.

So, what are the best plants that will live well in your apartment?

Li'l Bang Starlight Coreopsis

Like two plants in one, the Li’l Bang Starlight Coreopsis ( changes color depending on the weather. It’s perfect for apartment living because this plant is disease-resistant, beautiful, unique and easy to take care of. The petals turn magenta during the cold season and warm temperatures, they turn white. This sun-loving indoor plant can tolerate drought and tends to prefer a well-drained soil.

Helleborus Love Bug

This beautiful white-flowered plant, the Helleborus Love Bug ( is a very good indoor plant because it needs complete shade. Though it can tolerate some sunlight, this is the perfect plant for starters especially if you live in a small apartment. Moreover, it can tolerate drought and clay soil.

Cha Cha Lavender Penstemon

The Cha Cha Lavender Penstemon (, has its beautiful and attractive flowers but don’t underestimate its fragile-like blooms. This plant is drought-tolerant and can withstand any sunny garden or indoor rooms. It tolerates wind, rain, drought, and heat.

Winter Glow Pigsqueak

Perfect for your apartment, the Winter Glow Pigsqueak ( ) can tolerate any range of soils, but they prefer the moist ones. The good thing is, it has no problems when it comes to diseases and climate changes. Thus, you can surely grow this inside your apartment, whether it’s big or small.

Little Dipper Cotoneaster

If you’re busy and you don’t have much time to take care of your plant, the Little Dipper Cotoneaster ( ) is perfect for you. During the summer, the dark green foliage is full of leaves and has berries beginning to appear. This plant will surely bring life to your home.

Snow Fever Lenten Rose

The Snow Fever Lenten Rose ( ) can brighten up your dull rooms with its white blooms. This plant is compact for containers and sits well indoors. You won’t need much maintenance, and it will surely add flavor to your apartment. The white flowers are perfect for a room that is dull or dark.

Having a plant indoors will surely make your apartment look more presentable, organized and beautiful. These plants are mostly tolerable to environmental factors like the heat, the cold or the wind.

They also need low maintenance, which means that you can just water them occasionally, depending on the need of the plant. Some plants may need regular weeding and watering while others don’t need regular maintenance. The important thing is, these plants bring life and beauty to your apartment and at the same time, clear the air off of toxins and other harmful pollutants.

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