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Stay away from these 7 popular foods

It’s a fact that those foods that appear to be convincing in our taste are the ones which are not healthy. When your stomach starts to crunch, your cognitive response is to look for something to eat. Such as going to different eateries like fast foods or restaurants. Almost all of us will no longer pay attention to the nutrition facts of the food due to our hunger and this brings risk to our health. So, here are the 7 of the most popular foods in the world that you always encounter that you must already stop consuming.

#1 French Fries and Potato Chips

Potatoes are known to be rich in nutrients. You are maybe a good potato consumer. But it doesn’t mean that you are already getting its nutrients. Today everything is becoming an instant. It’s important that you must be aware of what type of vegetable are you consuming. Is it a commercialized potato or an organic potato?

In farming, there is always the existence of pest or insects. Resulting for the farmers to spray strong types of chemicals. Resulting for commercialized or non-organic potatoes grow faster than those organic potatoes.

Despite being healthy, once potatoes are fried it becomes rich in calories which lead to weight gain. Boiling the potatoes is the best way to maximize its nutrients.

#2 Ice Cream

Ice cream is sweet. It’s is one your most favorite food during summer. However, it was discovered that most ice cream has a level of sugar and calories. Imagine yourself eating in fast foods and taking ice cream as your dessert. How many calories do your body have taken in just a few minutes?

The best alternative if you want to eat an ice cream is to buy an organic ice cream or make your own. You can still make a sweet ice cream using organic sweeteners like stevia.

#3 Processed Meat

Before a meat undergoes to a processed, it’s good to take a look on how was the animal was raised. Most of the meat being processed comes from an animal that received a different kind of medicines. That bring negative effects when it will be transferred to humans.

Aside from the medicines injected into the animals, there will also be another chemical that would be added to the meat to preserve it for a certain period of time.

#4 Shrimp

Hopefully, after knowing this fact, the time when you eat shrimp will already be the last time. Shrimp has a 4-hexylresorcinol. This prevents shrimp’s discoloration. The side effect of this for humans is it reduces the sperm counts of male and it triggers breast cancer for women.

If you are a seafood eater, stay healthy by avoiding this kind of seafood.

#5 Fruit Juice

You are maybe refraining yourself from drinking sodas. But did you know that drinking fruit juice is the same as drinking soda? In your perception fruit juice are healthy. Actually, it’s not. Fruit Juice is rich in antioxidants. However, it is also rich in sugar. Fruit Juice is not naturally extracted from fruits. Instead, it’s a combination of sugar and food coloring.

Drinking fruit juice becomes healthy when you make it on your own. As you can see how the process is being executed.

#6 Food Microwaved in Plastic

Heating a food before eating is one way to kill the unhealthy organisms attached to the food. But applying it using a microwave on a food contained by a plastic container brings an opposite result. Plastic contains different chemicals that damage the health of a person.

Once a plastic is heated, these chemicals migrate to anything that they are attached to. So, in heating a food, never use a plastic. Instead, use a glass or a porcelain.

#7 White Chocolates

White Chocolates are not made up of cocoa. So, the health benefits that are present in cocoa like phytonutrients that protect blood vessels and regulates normal blood circulation are not present in white chocolates. Instead, this is only a food that increases the sugar level of a human body.

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